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Warranty Information

Reporting Warranty Items

To make things simple, here is a list of warranty items and whom to contact. If you’re not sure, no problem - simply call us at (604)-888-1717 ext 103 and we will help you.

Appliances Contact the manufacturer directly.
Emergency Contact the Cantera Home Team at 604-888-1717. Emergency service is generally considered that which requires immediate attention. Please refer to your Homeowner Manual for descriptions of possible emergency situations and action to be taken.
Non-Emergency Submit your Customer Service Request Form online.
Water and Storm Damage Contact your homeowner’s insurance agent immediately.
Questions? Call Cantera during normal business hours at (604) 888-1717 or leave a message at Extension 103 after hours.

Warranty Information

2-5-10_logo.gifWarranty Protection: Your new home is protected by a 2-5-10 year warranty program. This coverage is approved under BC’s Homeowner Protection Act.

The warranty includes the following coverge:

  • 2 year coverage for materials, workmanship and major systems
    • In the 1st 12 months, coverage for any defect in materials & labour
    • In the 1st 15 months, for the common property, common facilities, and other assets of a Strata Corporation, covered for any defect in materials & labour.
  • 5 year coverage for the building envelope
  • 10 year coverage for structural defects

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